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drying equipmentMajor flood disaster cleanup and storm restoration services for Aurora Illinois residents from water/flood disasters. Do you have a flooded basement? Here at the Illinois Restoration Pros, we offer 24/7 repair and restoration services for flood damage in homes and business. We are licensed Illinois contractors, offering disaster cleanup from storms, flash floods, sewer backups, broken pipes and more. You can count on us for professional basement flood cleanup in and around Aurora, Illinois.

Drying a Finished Basement To Prevent Mold Growth

It’s never pleasant when you experience flooding in your basement, but when your basement is finished it can become a nightmare. In order to save as much of your property as possible, getting rid of excess water and drying out the space is important. The sooner you can accomplish this the fewer problems you’ll have with mold and other issues.

drying processThe obvious starting point for drying out a finished basement is to remove standing water. If you have more than an inch you’ll definitely need to use a sump pump. Keep in mind that sump pump will need to be set up so the outlet is outside your home, preferably a good 8 to 10 feet from the foundation. If you have less than an inch, and you don’t mind making multiple trips outdoors you can use a shop vac with a removable tank. The most common way of drawing out a finished basement is through air drying. This involves opening all the windows and doors in the basement and circulating the air with fans. Small fans designed for summer cooling will work but it could take days to dry out your basement. Your local rental store will have larger, industrial fans which can dry out your basement much more quickly. With the windows and doors open and the fan running make sure you also monitor for further water seepage. If there are holes in your foundation then get them sealed as quickly as possible so the water doesn’t keep flowing.

Whatever you do, don’t delay drying out your basement for too long; mold can grow and drywall can crumble. If you need help consider calling a professional flood mitigation service such as the Illinois Restoration Pros!!

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